SLTAT 2022: 10th Workshop on Sign Language Translation and Avatar Technologies: The Junction of the Visual and the Textual

Remote presentations

June 24, 2022: SLTAT
Isolated Sign Recognition using ASL Datasets with Consistent Text-based Gloss Labeling and Curriculum Learning
Konstantinos M. Dafnis1, Evgenia Chroni1, Carol Neidle2, Dimitri Metaxas3
1Rutgers University, 2Boston University, 3Rutgers Univ.
June 25, 2022: SL Corpus Workshop
Sign Language Video Anonymization
Zhaoyang Xia1, Yuxiao Chen1, Qilong Zhangli1, Matt Huenerfauth2, Carol Neidle3, Dimitris Metaxas1
1Rutgers University, 2Rochester Institute of Technology, 3Boston University
Resources for Computer-Based Sign Recognition from Video, and the Criticality of Consistency of Gloss Labeling across Multiple Large ASL Video Corpora
Carol Neidle1, Augustine Opoku1, Carey Ballard1, Konstantinos M. Dafnis2, Evgenia Chroni2, Dimitris Metaxas2
1Boston University, 2Rutgers University


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